Luise Volkmann

Kiko e Luise


When Luise travelled to Brazil with her saxophone for the first time in 2023, she met guitarist Kiko Dinucci. She had lived in the coastal city of Natal for a year as a student, but never went there to make music. During her stay in São Paulo, they recorded the album Enxame (Swarm).

The duo’s music has a special intimacy: The saxophone strikes a balance between fragility and something festive – life-affirming. The guitar has a special elegance that reveals the richness of Dinucci’s vast musical knowledge. He also works as an archivist of music.

The various cross-connections that come together in this expressive duo are indeed swarm music: expressed in the knowledge, understanding and experience of each other.

"Meu coracao vagabundo guer guardar o mundo em mim." Caetano