Luise Volkmann

Été Large

Anna Roters Anna Roters
luisa-volkman Anna Roters


Unbridled power and passion, playful fervour, a boundless joy of fantasizing, indomitable cohesive forces and absolute fearlessness – that is Luise Volkmann’s band Été Large.

The attitude of the so-called ’68 generation and the rock music of the 1970s are an important starting point for Luise Volkmann, but precisely not the modelling clay from which her own songs are created. Her fascination ranges from the protest music of the Woodstock era to the destructive elementary power of punk. She finds this special mixture of youthful recklessness, spontaneous activism and the existential pressure behind each statement touching today, but at the same time she is aware that she is not a child of that era.


When the birds upraise their choir