Luise Volkmann

Rites de Passage

thekla ehling Thekla Ehling
luisa-volkman Thekla Ehling


What is more alive – the ghost ship that comes to mind when listening to “Rites de passages” or the world of consumer goods in which we ascribe a life of its own to dead things? And what is more eerie – the prevailing conditions or ghostly music that takes on the real spook in all urgency?

Luise Volkmann’s “Rites de passage” is music of resistance and transition. The musical transformations take their cues from the concept of ritual. But Volkmann’s artistic “rituality check” is also a political reality check that evokes the question of how we can overcome walls that actually exist in fact? Walls in the minds of hard heads. Concrete walls at borders.


Rites de Passage 2023 (CD/LP)